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Government assistance serves as a great safety net for a lot of people. Unemployment, SNAP, Social Security Disability, and other benefits operate as a great way to prevent total financial collapse following negative life events. However, each of the benefits share something in common. The majority of them have a deadline. Whether the benefit has a specific time frame in which it may be drawn from or a limited shelf life due to reduction in budgetary considerations, plans must be made to survive after the benefit ceases. In order for these programs to be successful, beneficiaries must eventually find a way to live apart from the benefit. Government assistance must lead to personal independence and responsibility. People have to be able to help themselves. Here a few tips that may help you in discovering your path in life.

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Find Motivation

There are two major types of motivating factors. Internal motivation comes from within. Many people are able to wake up in the morning and go for a long run simply because they want to better themselves. These people do not require someone to wake them up each morning and force themselves to change into running shoes and shorts. They simply tell themselves to go out into the world and find success. Others require external motivation. They need someone in their ear constantly to inform them that they cannot stay in bed all day or binge on Netflix until the wee hours of the night. Most people require a level of motivation somewhere in between.

People find their motivation from different places. They may want to create a better life for their children or make enough money to buy a yacht. They look at Bill Gates and decide that they will get a better haircut when they have that kind of money. In order to become successful, you must find what motivates you. Motivation is the first step in creating the discipline necessary to find success.


Create Self-Discipline

Once you find a way to motivate yourself, create self-discipline. Often unemployment or financial difficulties lead to depression and other psychological issues. A new routine will help to break the cycle of depression. Also, in order to succeed in contemporary society, you must create habit consistent with societal values. Waking up early to look for work, consistently performing household chores, or committing to a daily workout program may help you to find consistency in day-to-day life. Once routine and other consistent habits are developed, you will be able to re-brand yourself.

Re-Create Yourself

Sometimes, in order to find the motivation to create self-discipline, you must find a new brand for yourself. This might mean determining a different career or seeking out educational opportunities. It could involve lifestyle changes. For example, Terry Crews fell into a deep depression after leaving the NFL. He gained weight and lost a lot of motivation after he could no longer play the sport he loved. He needed a new identity. So he changed his diet, got back into lifting, and moved to Hollywood. He now works hard as an actor, easily recognizable for his roles as the face of Old Spice and in White Girls, The Expendable, and Brooklyn 99. Reinventing yourself and starting over may give you the motivation necessary to find success in a new career or in life.


Develop Confidence

In order to succeed in life, you must believe in yourself. People have quirks. Sean Spicer swallows gum. Ronald Reagan passed jelly beans around Cabinet meetings. William Blake was once caught writing naked at a famous inn. These habits never prevented them from success. In fact, robotic living cannot lead to success. So be confident in yourself. Your greatest detractor is your own self-doubt. No matter what anyone may ever say to you, you must remember that, unless they are giving positive feedback, they are only expressing their own insecurities by attacking you. Those who bring negativity only do so because they are afraid your achievement will challenge theirs. You must develop confidence in yourself in order to get back on your feet. Timid people rarely win interviews or in life.


Work Hard

Success does not come easy. It takes hard work. You must be prepared to work your butt off in a world full of adversity. Not everyone wants to see you succeed, so you must work even harder in order to prevent them from bringing you down. No one will give you a better life for free. You must armor yourself against harsh criticism, learn from your mistakes, and make multiple attempts. J.K. Rowling received hundreds of rejections before someone took a chance on Harry Potter. If you want to succeed in life or in a new career, you must put out hundreds of applications before the right fit manifests itself before you. And once you find that fit, you must be prepared to fight every day. Success does not come overnight. It comes with a constant assault for weeks, months, and years.

Government assistance and benefits run out. And even if they did not, you will never find success in the world by relying on them. Eventually, you must step out on your own and make a life for yourself. The above steps are only a portion of what is necessary to succeed. There are hundreds of self-help books and thousands of advice blogs.


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